Foundation and ambition

Foundation and ambition

DINAMIS is the French national facility for institutional procurement of VHR satellite imagery, formed in 2017 on the initiative of six founding organizations: CNES, CNRS, IGN, INRAE, IRD, CIRAD.. It succeeds precursor structures like ISIS, GEOSUD, DSP Pléiadesand Pléiades public service delegation (DSP), harmonizing and pooling their resources—data, data reception systems, IT infrastructures and organization—for users of very-high-resolution (VHR) satellite data.

One-stop portal for the institutional community

The DINAMIS Catalogue offers a one-stop web portal for viewing a range of catalogues hosting satellite imagery — commercial very-high-resolution optical data and high-resolution optical and radar data from government satellites—for institutional applications

These data are available free of charge on subscription to:

  • French public and scientific stakeholders
  • European and foreign scientists under specific conditions
  • Private stakeholders engaged in R&D
  • Private stakeholders providing services for French public stakeholders

DINAMIS is a cross-cutting component of the Data Terra, research infrastructure, supplying satellite imagery to its Theia land surfaces, ODATIS ocean FORM@TER solid Earth and AERIS atmosphere data hubs. It is thus helping to develop new thematic products and services derived from Earth imagery to inform public environment and land planning policies.

Open to new members

The consortium of DINAMIS founding members is open to any public entity wishing to join and help fund its operations and management.

A public entity may also become a DINAMIS partner and gain access to custom services in addition to the standard services available to the wider community. For example, new Spot 6-7 services will be offered to support contributing users.

For more details, contact the DINAMIS Executive Bureau