Eligible users

Eligible users

French authorized institutional users

Authorized Institutional Users (AIUs) eligible for DINAMIS services are all scientific stakeholders, wherever they are based, and all public stakeholders and their French private contractors working under a government contract in France or for their own R&D.

DINAMIS services are therefore accessible to:

  • French institutional entities: government, ministerial, regional, departmental, local and borough agencies, universities, research laboratories and teaching establishments
  • Organizations or non-profit associations pursuing a public-service mission

Access and cost

Pléiades and Spot 6-7 very-high-resolution data in the DINAMIS Catalogue are accessible free of charge to AIUs.

New data— (archive data and tasking requests —of specified areas of interest can be acquired free on a quota basis. Outside these quotas, data are available to public stakeholders at a preferential institutional rate and to scientists with co-funding.

All subscription requests must now go through the online DINAMIS portal, where you are required to complete a subscription form indicating your Entity and its Legal Representative, as well as a DINAMIS Contact.

The Entity’s Legal Representative receives the Subscription Request generated from the details provided in the online form. They must then confirm their request and the Entity’s details, and agree to the terms of the DINAMIS charter and DINAMIS product User Licences electronically.

You must then create your user account to access DINAMIS services.

International scientific users

Foreign scientists may download DINAMIS products free of charge under specific terms and conditions.

Access and cost

Access is conditional on a scientist’s organization being subscribed to DINAMIS (subscription requests will also be examined by Airbus Defence & Space for SPOT-6-7 and by CNES for Pleaides).

Foreign scientists have access to Pléiades archive ordering and acquisition tasking through specific procedures established by CNES or through collaborative science projects (request validated by CNES):

  • Non-French European scientists: no free quota, preferential institutional rate
  • International scientists: must be partnered with a European scientist, no free quota, preferential institutional rate

For further details, contact dinamis@cnes.fr

Users from French private entities

DINAMIS products are accessible to users from private entities working on:

  • An R&D project
  • A government order

Access and cost

Free access to all products available for download from the DINAMIS Catalogue on condition of the entity’s subscription being confirmed.

Pléiades archive imagery or acquisition tasking:

  • For a public service contract: free within quota limits and preferential institutional rate outside quota limits (see French authorized users). Imagery requested by the public contracting authority is made available to the contractor for its mission.
  • For an innovative R&D project: preferential institutional rate.

For new SPOT-6-7 archives or acquisition tasking: contact DINAMIS.

Commercial services and uses of SPOT-6-7 data

Spot 6-7 coverages of one or more regions are open to all private stakeholders, for all uses including regional commercial services (with the exception of product reselling). This is conditional on obtaining prior funding from the Regional Entity or regional public body for a Fixed Licence Extension pre-negotiated with DINAMIS.

Pléiades data are reserved for non-commercial use.

For other private commercial uses, see the general sales terms and conditions of Airbus Defence and Space Geo-Intelligence.

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For further information, contact DINAMIS.