Archives and tasking

Archives and tasking

The Catalogue contains all previously acquired imagery directly available for download by authorized DINAMIS users.

To continue adding to this data bouquet, DINAMIS users can express their Pléiades and SPOT-6-7 imagery needs by ordering:

  • Archive imagery listed in Airbus Defence & Space’s Geostore catalogue, viewable from the DINAMIS Catalogue.
  • Tasked acquisitions, subject to a technical feasibility assessment by Airbus Defence & Space. All imagery acquired is then added to the Catalogue.

All orders for archive and tasked imagery are processed by DINAMIS’s Pléiades and SPOT-6-7 teams, with no guarantee they will be accepted.

Imagery request file


• Consult the data technical features
• View available data in the DINAMIS catalogue
• Make sure you have an active individual user account

Completing the imagery request file lets you:

  • • Identify and select Pléiades and/or SPOT-6-7 archive imagery listed in Airbus’s Geostore catalogue


  • Specify criteria to task new Pléiades and/or SPOT-6-7 imagery

Files submitted via the application are then processed.

See the Documentation page for tutorials and factsheets that will help you.

Accessing the application

For further information, contact DINAMIS.