Online subscription

Online subscription

Creating an individual user account gives you access to the following DINAMIS services:

3-step procedure

Subscribing to DINAMIS

If your Entity is not already subscribed to DINAMIS, you must submit a subscription request to be able to access its services. Subscription is only effective once confirmed by DINAMIS.

Any organization meeting the eligibility conditions may subscribe.

Subscription is now online. You must complete the online subscription form to identify your Entity, its Legal Representative and DINAMIS Contact.

View the procedure for subscribing on line at

Subscribe in five steps:

  1. Confirm the e-mail address of the future DINAMIS Contact*.
  2. Complete the online subscription form, indicating details about the Entity, its sector of activity and Legal Representative.
  3. Send the online form, after which an e-mail confirming these details is sent to the Legal Representative, who must confirm the request electronically (attaching the DINAMIS Charter and DINAMIS product user licences).
  4. The Entity’s Legal Representative confirms the Entity’s details and agrees to the terms of the DINAMIS Charter and DINAMIS product user licences. This confirmation is time-stamped and the subscription request sent to DINAMIS for processing.
  5. The Subscription request is processed by DINAMIS. If approved, a time-stamped DINAMIS Subscription Certificate in PDF format is sent to the Entity’s Legal Representative.

*The DINAMIS Contact will be in charge of the Entity’s account and responsible for confirming accounts for all users wishing to register with DINAMIS.

Once your organization’s subscription request has been processed by the DINAMIS team, an e-mail will be sent to your DINAMIS Contact confirming your subscription and that the contact is registered with the DINAMIS portal.

Setting up an individual user account

Once your organization is subscribed to DINAMIS, your employees can ask to set up their own individual accounts.

Only permanent employees may open an account with a professional e-mail address from their organization. Accounts with generic-type e-mail addresses—e.g. Gmail or Hotmail—are likely to be deleted.

View the procedure for creating an account at [Bienvenue sur le portail d’adhésion au dispositif DINAMIS]

Set up your individual DINAMIS in four steps:

  1. Select your Entity,
  2. Confirm your professional e-mail address,
  3. Complete the registration form,
  4. Have your user account confirmed by your Entity’s DINAMIS Contact

La procédure d’adhésion comporte l’identification au sein de l’entité d’un Référant DINAMIS ayant charge de valider toute demande de création de compte des utilisateurs de sa structure. Aussi, ce dernier recevra une notification DINAMIS pour valider et activer les demandes de création compte.

Activating an individual DINAMIS and Theia user account

Once an individual DINAMIS user account has been activated by the entity’s DINAMIS Contact, the user is sent an e-mail accepting their account request. They can then connect to the imagery request application, to the Catalogue, and to all other DINAMIS services.

On registering, you will automatically be added to the Theia portal directory. You will also be able to use your DINAMIS login and password for the Theia portal. If you already have a Theia account, your DINAMIS account will be attached to it seamlessly without you having to do anything. For more information about Theia, see here