Pléiades imagery


Pléiades images are onboard satellite acquired at 70 cm resolution (at nadir) for panchromatic spectral mode (black & white) and at 2,8 m resolution (at nadir) for multispectral mode (colour). On-ground 50 cm processing resampling algorithm is performed allowing images robustness, especially in the case of post processing.

50 cm resampled images reflect better quality in terms of information content and ensure the initial content is fully preserved in the final product.

Pléiades images distributed by Airbus DS are at 50 cm in panchromatic and at 2 m in multispectral modes.

Spectral bands

5 spectral bands:
• Panchromatic (PA): 470 – 830 nm • Blue (B0): 430 – 550 nm
• Green (B1): 500 – 620 nm
• Red (B2): 590 – 710 nm
• Near-infrared (B3): 740 – 940 nm

Spectral combinations

50 cm
1 band
(black and white)
2 m
4 bands
(B, G, R, NIR)
50 cm and 2 m

1 band
4 bands
50 cm merge product

Pansharpened 3 bands
Natural or false colour

Pansharpened 4 bands

• One spectral band product
• Black and white
• 50 cm resolution


• Four spectral bands product (blue, red, green, near infra-red)
• Colour
• 2 m resolution

• 50 cm Panchromatic (on left) and 2 m Multispectral at 2 m (on right) simultaneously acquired
• Separately delivered (un-merge)

Pan-sharpened (merge)

Pan-sharpened products combine the visual coloured information of the Multispectral data with the details provided by of the Panchromatic data, resulting in a higher resolution 0.5 m colour product.

Pan-sharpened products are proposed as three- and four band products. The three-band colour products are available in natural colour (blue, green and red) or false colour (green, red and near infrared). The natural and false colour images are derived from Multispectral combinations, with bands that have been acquired simultaneously.

Pan-sharpened 3 bands natural colour
Natural colour
Natural colour (blue, green and red)
Pan-sharpened 3 bands false colour
False colour (green, red and near infrared))

Download the factsheet detailing Pléiades imagery features