Subscribe and create an account

Subscribe and create an account

An individual user account* gives you access to the following DINAMIS services:

* Until a simplified procedure has been put in place for new individual DINAMIS accounts, they will continue to be created via GEOSUD.

Three-step process

  1. Subscribe > by your organization
  2. Request creation of account > by user
  3. Activate account > by the organization’s point of contact

Subscribing to DINAMIS

Any organization meeting the eligibility conditions may subscribe to DINAMIS.

To subscribe on line, go to

Subscribe in 5 steps:

  1. Fill in the form with your organization’s details
  2. Indicate a point of contact responsible for validating accounts
  3. Download the subscription charter in duplicate and the Spot 6-7 licence
  4. Get these documents signed and stamped by your manager
  5. Return the documents
    By e-mail: Go to the CONTACT page and select Contact Executive Bureau from the drop-down menu
    By postal mail: Send to DINAMIS – Maison de la Télédétection, 500 rue J-F. Breton, 34093 cedex 05, Montpellier, FRANCE

Once your organization’s application has been processed by the DINAMIS team, an e-mail will be sent to your point of contact confirming your subscription and that the point of contact is registered with the DINAMIS portal.

Creating an individual user account

Once your organization is subscribed to DINAMIS, your employees can request an individual account.

Only permanent employees may open an account with a professional e-mail address from their organization. Accounts with generic-type e-mail addresses—e.g. Gmail or Hotmail—are likely to be deleted.

View the procedure for signing up on line at

The organization’s point of contact will be notified for each individual account request by an e-mail to activate the account.

Activating DINAMIS and Theia accounts

Once an individual DINAMIS user account has been activated by the point of contact, the user is sent an e-mail accepting their account request. They can then connect to the image request application, to the Catalogue and all other DINAMIS services.

Individual user accounts also enable access to the resources of the Theia data hub’s catalogue.

Technical note

Catalogue web browser compatibility issues

Our teams have fixed the issues encountered with the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Should you continue to encounter issues accessing certain advanced features of the Catalogue, please contact DINAMIS.

Also contact DINAMIS for any other support request.