DINAMIS services for institutional users evolve in line with users’ feedback and needs, and with the Consortium’s funding capacity. Access is also subject to certain conditions .

Current services

Acquisition of very-high-resolution imagery

DINAMIS users may request acquisition of fresh imagery—through dedicated tasking of thes Pléiades and Spot 6-7satellites—and access existing imagery free of charge:

  • at resolutions of 1.5 m to 0.5 m (Spot 67 and Pléiades),
  • in France and worldwide
  • within quotas or thresholds revised yearly and/or during the course of the year

L’expression et la transmission des besoins en imageries optiques de très haute résolution spatiale est réalisé à Users may formulate and communicate their VHR optical imagery needs through the online application for requesting imagery on the website.

Data distribution

Every year, DINAMIS makes available coverages of:

  • Mainland France at 1.5-m resolution (Spot 6-7),
  • Sandy coastal areas in mainland France and overseas territories at 0.5-m resolution (Pléiades),
  • The islands of Guadeloupe, Martinique, Réunion and Mayotte.

These yearly coverages, along with all the other data previously acquired by DINAMIS, can be accessed through the catalogue with harmonized user licences designed to further data sharing between scientific, public and private stakeholders.

User support

DINAMIS is there to help you express your needs and provide technical and subject matter support at every stage in the process.

Upcoming services

Updated image request application

L’interface web de demandes d’imageries va être intégrée The image request application on the website will shortly be integrated with the DINAMIS Catalogue to make the ordering process easier and more intuitive for users.

Partners and SPOT 6-7 licence

The status of DINAMIS partner will offer Spot 6-7 data users or users with large requests that exceed the structure’s current capacity custom services beyond the standard services:

  • Joint definition of proximity procedures tailored to the partner’s constraints, enabling direct interaction with the data-acquisition system managed by DINAMIS
  • Joint analysis of additional needs to be met through procurement mechanisms managed by DINAMIS
  • Additional support services, such as monitoring of acquisitions, image validation reports, provision of all possible product formats or traceability of imagery added to the shared catalogue

Un Service d’Extension Forfaitaire de Licence pré-négocié A Fixed Licence Extension service pre-negotiated by DINAMIS will be rolled out in 2021 to allow all uses—including commercial uses—at the scale of a given region of interest. This provision may be funded by Regional Councils or any public body and will include open data access to two regional coverages to boost innovation in the regions by small firms and SMEs.

Specific Pleiades requests

La mise en place du statut de partenaire DINAMIS The status of DINAMIS partner will allow Pléiades users to pay for data they wish to acquire beyond current quotas.

The DINAMIS team will work with interested partners to harmonize additional Pléiades and Spot 6-7 provisions.

For more details, contact the DINAMIS Executive Bureau exécutif via the CONTACT form.